Nope, Chuck Testa

I’ve got writer’s block. I’ve been sitting in front of my computer screen for about an hour now, trying to come up with a half-decent post. So, instead I’m just going to post a YouTube video. My favourite YouTube videos of the month. This is by the brilliant guys (and gal) over at Schmoyoho, the same people who made the even epic-er Bed Intruder Song and Double Rainbow Song. Anyway, without further ado, here is the epic Songify This: Chuck Testa. Enjoy!

Why do I love this video so much? Maybe it’s because the woman doesn’t jump out of her bed straight away when she thinks there’s a bear in her bed. Or because the first guy is so happy that a freaking antelope is driving a car. Or maybe the way the guy at 0:35 opens his eyes in shock after he finishes his sentence. It’s probably just because the song is mega-catchy and Chuck Testa is an absolute BAMF.

See you soon!



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