I’ve been meaning to post here for a while now, but I have barely been on my PC this week. As you may know, I’ve been off since the 30th of March, but my sister has been playing Minecraft on the laptop all week, so I haven’t really had a chance to blog. I have to admit, her world, Ruby World, is pretty impressive. She’s made a big Zoo/Pet Farm which looks pretty cool.

This past week has been dominated by Draw Something. I’ve been playing Draw Something with John and Buffy, and I’ve been having loads of fun with it. I’ve been posting a few off my worst efforts on my Twitter. You can check them out by clicking here. I’ll probably update my collection through the week.

As for Modern Warfare 3, I’ve managed to get to 3rd Prestige. I’m a big fan of the MP7 with the Silencer and Range. I might upload some gameplay if I ever get my own laptop, as this one isn’t powerful enough to capture video.

Anyway, today is Easter Sunday. I’ve gotten some Easter eggs (Cadbury make the best ones), so I’m going to spend the rest of this week doing the same as last week: nothing.

I know I haven’t really talked about much this post, but I’m hoping to update this blog every day this week until my Easter holidays are finished. That’s all that’s on my mind right now, so I’ll see you again soon and I hope everyone has a great Easter!


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