Weekly Update #1

This is going to be a new feature on my blog. Every week I’m going to post  a sort of summary of anything and everything that I found interesting this week on the internet. It’s basically a “Best Of” compilation for the week on the internet.

Video of the Week

Yes, this is yet another Songify by The Gregory Brothers. I know that I’ve posted about them multiple times before, but this one is actually pretty great. It’s an autotune of the video titled Five Guys Burgers and Fries Review from Daym Drops, and I guess it’s going viral, with threee million views in five days, which is very impressive.

Song of The Week

This feature is definitely the hardest of all the features, mainly because I don’t really listen to lots of music, and what I do listen to is definitely “mainstream”. This song is actually No. 1 in the Irish charts at the moment, but doesn’t seem to be going as great in other countries, so I thought I should post it. The song is Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men, which are a band from Iceland. I hadn’t heard of this song before until I saw it at the top of the iTunes charts, and I have to say that it’s rather good. I’m mainly more into pop, but this is actually a great song and I’m glad a gave it a shot.

Pick of The Week

An example of what will come up when you search Oisin Quinn on Google once the ad has been approved.

This is the part of the post where I mention something that doesn’t really fit into any other category. This week it’s Norton Top Search. Norton Top Search is a really cool website that lets you choose what the top result for your name is. The result appears as an ad at the top of your search query. For example, in the next few days, whenever somebody searches “Oisin Quinn” (my name), my Twitter page will be at the very top (as an ad, though, which means that if somebody is using a ad-blocking extension such as AdBlock, they won’t be able to see it). Finally, I can finally get above the politician with the same name! It’s a very cool idea, and I recommend it to all.

Game of The Week

This is also going to be a hard segment, as, while I do play a lot of games, I mainly stick to one game for a while. Instead, this segment will mostly feature apps from the App Store and Google Play. This week, though, I was lucky enough to get my hands on New Super Mario Bros. 2


While it is a great game, it feels very familiar to the two previous games in the series, with the same art style and lots of the music from the other games. The Coin Rush mode, on the other hand, is great fun and a nice twist on the typical 2D Mario style. It’s far from a bad game, it’s just not necessarily original, and for that reason, I would recommend Super Mario 3D Land over this game any day.

So that’s it for the Weekly Update #1! I hope you enjoyed this post, as I put a lot of time into writing it up, getting pictures, etc. Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Update #1

  1. johnem95 says:

    I like this “Weekly Update” feature on your blog – I would use it for mine, but Community page which is basically a “monthly update” – cool post, bro! 😀

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