Opinion: iPhone 5 Predictions

Welcome to Opinion, a new feature on my blog where I tell you what I think about pretty much anything.

Tomorrow is a very important day for Apple. As you may know, Apple are holding a conference tomorrow where they will announce the next iPhone. After the iPhone 4S, which wasn’t a massive improvement over its predecessor, people are expecting Apple to announce the New Big Thing™. But I’m not sure if Apple can do that.

You see, the difference between the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4 was fairly big. The iPhone 4’s sleek, modern design is much more attractive than the cheap-looking body of the older models. The Retina display was a big chance from the older screen as well, and the inclusion of a front-facing camera made video chat a lot more convenient. But when you look at the differences between the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S is the processor upgrade and the inclusion of Siri.

I know that everyone expects Apple to reinvent the wheel tomorrow, but I don’t think they can really change anything, apart from bump up the specs. The screen can be bumped up to 1080p and the processor might evolve again and we might even see a new redesign, but Apple can’t really reinvent the wheel as such. They will also probably add Near Field Communication and LTE support, but that means nothing to me, as I don’t even have 3G normally!

Anyway, hopefully Apple have something up their sleeve for their reveal tomorrow, but we really have to wait and see what comes our way!


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