Opinion: Nintendo Wii U

Welcome to another entry to my “Opinion” series, where I state my opinion on various things that matter to me.

Yesterday, Semtember 13th, Nintendo held their Wii U conference. As you know, I’m a fairly big Nintendo fan, and I’ve been looking forward to the Wii U since E3 2011. I can’t believe that after a year and half of waiting, Wii U will be in the hands of the public in two months. But I’m not totally convinced yet. Why? The price.

I know that it’s a brand new console, with a freaking touchscreen on the controller, but I can’t justify spending €299 (or €349 for the Premium Pack) on a console, and that is for the Basic Pack, which doesn’t include Nintendo Land. I know that the console has the best graphics on any console and a hefty 2GB of RAM, but it just seems too much. What shocked me was when I learned that the exact same console bundle, except that has a sensor bar included, will be for sale in the United States for $299. A quick check on Google tells us that $299 is about €225. Yes, that’s a €75 difference, which is enough to buy a whole game, and still have cash to spare.

I know that this isn’t Nintendo’s fault, as retailers themselves set the prices in Europe, but it is seriously going to affect when I purchase, and I’m sure it will affect the decisions of others too. Also, knowing Gamestop, they’ll probably have to add onto that price, especially now that GAME has moved out from Ireland. I’m going to wait it out for a price-drop, which was hopefully happen next year, and then go for it. €225/€275 for Basic Set/Premium Set would be reasonable enough, especially since a new PlayStation 3 ranges from €239 to €289 on the GameStop website, and a new Xbox 360 ranging from €172 to  €224. I really do hope retailers sort out the price, though, as I’m very excited by some of the launch games (Nintendo Land, ZombiU, Black Ops II, etc), as well as all the other gems that are sure to come, from Nintendo themselves and third-party developers alike.


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