The Junior Certificate

Here it is. The biggie. After 1,200+ days, 170+ weeks, about 40 months, it’s finally here. The Junior Cert.

Yes, it’s finally here. It’s what I’ve been working on since I started secondary school. And now that I’m so close to it, it doesn’t quite seem so intimidating. I’ve finally got to the point where I basically want to get it over and done with. I’ve done years and years of exam papers, written and learned off notes and worn out my books. I’m ready to go.

My exams finally start on Wednesday, 5th June. My timetable is not that bad, with fifteen exams stretching out over nine days. English is my first exam, and probably the one which I’m dreading the most. While Paper 1 is fine, due to the fact that it mainly relies on your creativity and reaction to the unseen, Paper 2 is more intimidating.

Drama, Poetry and Fiction, all divided into Unseen and Studied sections. While Unseen (with a bit of look) is normally manageable, Studied is more difficult for me. See, there is a single word that describes my problem. “Studied”.

Okay, that’s an over exaggeration.  I have studied it, but not enough. I’ve decided to devote the entire two days before the exam entirely to English. English was my worst result in the pre-exams, so I really hope that I will be able to lift up the grade a bit. As I said, Paper 1 is fine. It’s worth half of the marks, so hopefully I don’t do too badly.

I guess all I can do is practice now. I just have to learn all the quotes for my studied pieces (The Merchant of Venice and To Kill A Mockingbird, for those wondering), practice some exam papers and hope for the best.




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