Recently I learned the sad news that OMGPOP will close down almost entirely by 3o September 2013. We knew back in June that their time was running out, when a lot of the company’s staff was let go, including the awesome Swiftor.

For those who haven’t heard of it before, OMGPOP is a great website for browser-based online multiplayer games. I joined the site back in 2012, and while I haven’t played it much recently, I still have fond memories of it.

omgpop logo

I remember playing game after game of Balloono (basically Bomberman) with Mayank for hours on end, and enjoying every minute of it. The website was crafted in such a way that you could play with those you already know with the click of a link, yet still create new friendships with absolute strangers in minutes, thanks to the in-game chat box and social features.

The games were far from original, but were a great way to play something for free that would have taken money and long downloads to do. My favourites are Balloono (as mentioned above), Tonk (a card game), Typow (a fun speed-typing game) and, of course, Draw My Thing, the game that eventually turned into hit 2012 app “Draw Something”.

When the webiste shuts down in September, I’ll feel strangely empty. This was something of my childhood which is simply going to disappear, never to be revisited. The website not only represents my online life at this time, but also my friendships with people. I’ve played these games with many of my Twitter friends, and the fact that I’ll never be able to try this games again really kills you.

The news of OMGPOP shutting down really helps to fuel my hatred of Zynga, the company that acquired OMGPOP in 2012, due to the success of Draw Something on iOS and Android. What really ticks me off is that the people behind OMGPOP tried to buy it back, but Zynga refused! It makes me wonder, if Draw Something wasn’t such a big success, would OMGPOP still be alive today? I was disappointed when Zynga purchased OMGPOP in the first place, let happy for the owners of the company. But now, all respect for Zynga has been thrown into an incinerator, just like a weighted companion cube.

Thanks for reading! What memories have you got from your time on OMGPOP, or are you just discovering it now? Feel free to leave all thoughts, positive and negative, in the comments section below!


2 thoughts on “R.I.P. OMGPOP

  1. I feel the same way you do, my friend. OMGPOP’s great games and social features will be missed by those who enjoyed the site. I believe it had so much potential that Zynga themselves never realized – just imagine if Balloono or Blockles became another mobile sensation! And I do agree with you that it was harsh when Swiftor and the rest of the very talented staff was laid off – that was terrible news!

    Perhaps we should celebrate the good times we had on OMGPOP by playing another few hours of Balloono! May it rest in peace!

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