2013, huh?

Look at that. Another year is finally over, and 2014 is finally upon us, and what better time to look at back at the past twelve months on this fine establishment of a blog? WordPress have done a cool little “Year in Review” for me, so let’s have look through it, shall we?

In 2013, I post a grand total of 9 times. Yeah, really. That’s all. That’s about 39% of my total published blog posts (at time of publishing, obviously). I have to admit that I didn’t post nearly as much as I wanted to this year. On the other hand, I think the quality of 2013 posts is noticeably higher than posts from the previous year, a few of which are now private to save myself from the embarrassment.

Moving on, let’s look at the views. I got a grand total of 330 blog views in 2013, which is something I don’t overly care about, if I be completely honest. My approach to this whole blogging idea is that I write about what I want to write about. I take as much time as I need for a quality post (while sticking to a semi-regular schedule). I don’t care about how many people see it, the fact that the piece itself is there is enough for me.

Let’s keep going. Country-wise, 108 of those views came from the mighty United States of America. This was followed by a surprisingly high number from my good ol’ pals in Ireland, with a fairly decent 104. This shocked me, because I don’t really know any Irish people who visit this place, but I’ll take it anyway. I got 61 views from the UK, and two views each from Russia, Indonesia, four from Brazil and one from Mexico and, yeah, Saudi Arabia. I’ve no idea how these people found my blog, but I guess it’s cool that people from all around the world are seeing this site, if even just looking at the front page.

Post wise, it seems that you guys really liked my R.I.P. OMGPOP article from August, which I actually thought was one of my weaker posts this year, with seventeen views. Following that was my review of Arctic Monkey’s AM, an album that I still listen to on a regular basis.

There’s quite a bit more information in the official report from WordPress, so you statistic lovers can check out the full report here.

Thanks for reading! Comments rock, so leave one below. Again, feedback is key to progress.


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