[Music Video] I’m not Justin Bieber, B**ch

If you’ve been on the internet for a decent amount of time, you’ve probably watched a Gunther video or two. The infamous Ding Dong Song went viral around 2005. Remember? Swedish 40 year old with a 80’s pornstar ‘stache? Thought so.

There’s something about Gunther that I just love. Maybe it’s the hyper-sexualisation of everything in his videos and lyrics, that deep, masculine voice or the fact that his new album is going to be named “Dirty Man Swedish Sex Beast”. I’m not even joking.

Anyway, he’s back after a hiatus that lasted way too long, with “I’m not Justin Bieber, B**ch”. While the song isn’t as good as past classics such as “Tooti Fruiti String Bikini” and “Sun Trip”, it’s still pretty great. There’s as much lens flare as a J.J. Abrams film and Gunther just casually says “I’m so fucking hot” about ten times. It’s the best video of the year so far.


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